Copper wheel engraving is one of the most skilled and demanding forms of glass art. The image is carved into the glass or crystal with tiny copper grinding wheels. The scale is small and the delight
is in the wealth of detail possible.

  The artist must combine skills from the disciplines of drawing and sculpting, as well as mastering the techniques of crystal grinding, in which the piece being carved is held up against the wheels, which turn on a fixed spindle.

  Erika Henseleit, our German trained engraver, starts by
making a detailed pencil drawing of the image, which she
then reproduces on the piece. We accept commissions for
custom engravings. The finished order will come complete
with her pencil drawing.

  Architecture, animals and beloved scenes all make perfect
themes for a truly special piece of custom art.

  Prices for custom engravings start around $900.
A limited number of ready made copper wheel engraved
pieces are available for sale in our showroom.

  This type of work is most often seen on display in museums and there are not many craftsmen qualified to do it.



       This is a unique opportunity to order your own custom engraved heirloom.
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Original piece,
copperwheel engraved in
crystal clear glass
Size 6" x 8".
Set in a rosewood light base.